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Why Choose The Smooth Move

Here at Smooth Movers removalists, we love satisfied customers more than we love pineapple juice - and if you know our vans, you know we're being serious. If you can name a tough move, the Smooth Movers have done it: we've moved hoarders from Frem...

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The Beginning Of Smooth Movers

The Smooth Movers Removalists come from humble roots, starting with one man and his penchant for Hawaiian shirts and pineapples. Our-floral clad hero spent his youth travelling Australia as a jack-of-all-trades and Vitamin-C enthusiast, before se...

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Removalist Beanstalk

We're all familiar with Jack and the Beanstalk: ordered to the market to sell the cow, Jack heads towards town but is stopped along the way by one hell of a salesman who manages to trade him a selection of magical beans for the cow.


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The Moving Giants

The giants in yellow shirts came and took away everything - the fridge was one of the first things to go. We had no idea what to do anymore - all of the cheese had gone. The next best thing was the scraps. They even took those away too, hauling ...

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The Pineapple Theory

At The Smooth Movers, we know full well that for a lot of first time clients, we are simply 'the removal guys with the pineapple trucks.' A lot of the time this leads to questions on the job, and while this doesn't particularly bother us - we lov...

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