Win Your Move Back


The Smooth Movers are feeling pretty generous and we want to give our awesome customers a chance to win their removalist costs back...

Just upload a photo of you doing something seriously smooth to our Facebook page for your chance to win!


New HQ Summer is here The Smooth Movers and Smooth Cleaning Agents staying on top of it. Another day in the life of.... Tip Run Tip Run You're name all over the boulevard baby, you gonna be a star Somewhere under the #containbow Julia Brinker, Queen of Dragons, daughter of the Khal Brinker, @geanbrinker Master Chef Iain Lawless, and the big papa @guycontos gearing up for Oxford St Film Festival. Come stop into to The Nazi Soup Kitchen behind the old GPO, corner of Vincent and Oxford st. @perthsoupnazi @thesmoothmovers #pineapplefreedom Smooth Seminar